Beata Cseke

Beata was born and raised in the suburban of Budapest, Hungary. She started paddling when she was 10 years old at a local kayak club and fell in love with the sport right away, spending more time on the water than at her house! After 10 years of racing and earning many titles in Hungary, at age 20 she received an opportunity and decided to move to the United States. After many years of sacrificing and training she wanted to experience life in the USA and for a year or so, did not do any sports not even running. Then 2003 came, as well the Canoe World Championship in Gainesville, GA. When she watched racing, the Hungarian National Team along with a couple of kayakers from New York, she quickly realized how much she missed kayaking and being a part of a kayak team. Finally in 2008, she decided to move to New York and joined Rockaway Olympic Kayak and Canoe Club right away and started kayaking the next day. Soon she was introduced to surf ski paddling by fellow team mates. She always loved the ocean, sandy beaches, adventures and she really enjoys the challenges that open water can offer. In 2012, she started racing in the New England Surf ski series which she ended up winning. A new period of her life started here. It is not just surf ski paddling, she really enjoy being a part of the surf ski community, feeling connected here!

Career Highlights:

  • 2010 Lake Placid International 3rd place in K4-500m.
  • 2012 Lake Placid International 1st place in K1-10000m
  • 2012 and 2013 winner of the New England Surf Ski point series
  • 2012 Winner of the US Surf Ski Championship short course
  • 2013 Surf Ski World Championship 10th place, and 8th place in SS2mix (with Borys Markin)
  • 2013 US Surf Ski Championship 5th place

Beata Cseke & Borys Markin Beata Cseke & Borys Markin

Beata 2nd place in the East Coast Champs behind 2013 World Champion Michele Eray Beata 2nd place in the East Coast Champs behind 2013 World Champion Michele Eray

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