Hollie Hall

Hollie Hall began competitive kayaking in 2018 and was immediately captivated by the sport. In 2018, she took 2 silver medals (women's tandem, women's unlimited) and a gold (women's sea kayak) at the USCA Nationals in Syracuse, NY. Hollie also entered her first Chattajack 31 in Chattanooga, TN, and took first in the women's kayak division. She attended the 2019 USCA Nationals in Warren, PA and swept all three categories bringing home 3 gold medals (women's sea kayak, touring, and unlimited). The USCA also awarded her with the "Outstanding Paddler of the Year Award" 2019, one of their most prestigious awards given. In 2019, Hollie also competed in her second Chattajack and placed third in women's surfski in the Stellar SEA. She's looking forward to many upcoming exciting competitions.

"Being at this level of competitive racing on the water I come face to face with my inner challenges, just like on the yoga mat. Sure, I have competitors I'm racing against; however, it's really about overcoming any weaknesses of my very own mind, incorporating the breath with every paddle stroke that propels me toward that finish line, knowing, believing, that all the hard work, time, sweat, sacrifices, I put into my training is worth it because each paddle, just like each yoga practice, is a place where I learn and grow, leaving behind negative thoughts and gaining a positive mindset and feeling truly blessed. My strength is not of myself, but of God. God is certainly good." Psalms 28:9 The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

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