Why Choose Stellar


Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis are a perfect blend of speed and stability designed for you to achieve the best results possible. This was achieved through a global collaboration of paddlers and designers from around the world. Paddlers are delighted at how efficient our hulls are and how well they respond in beam chop. Our hull design becomes more effective in secondary stability as the conditions deteriorate.

At Stellar we are willing to pay a premium for the best, importing high quality materials from worldwide leaders in manufacturing, such as DuPont, Toray, Plexus and Lantor. We realize that what goes into the boat makes them stronger, lighter and more durable. We are the Industry leader in composite construction making lightweight and durable laminates. Our experience from building Olympic level rowing shells for 30 years has given us a technical edge entering the kayak market. The difference is easy to feel with many customers surprised at the stiffness and light weight of our kayaks and surf skis.

Innovation is also the key to our success. We are engaged in a continuous feedback cycle listening to the market and getting feedback from paddlers on how to improve our boats. We have introduced features and designs to increase your propulsion efficiency, comfort and the overall stiffness and performance of the boat.


At Stellar we are an ISO 9001 company, meaning that we a have strict quality assurance system to ensure each boat is made to its specifications. This process starts at purchasing the materials completely through the entire manufacturing process. Quality control records are kept of the parts at each stage detailing the temperature, humidity, materials used, weights and the workers at each stage. The culmination of this process is an end product that is very consistent from boat to boat and will execute as designed in both durability and performance.

Stellar Kayaks and Surf Skis go beyond the average kayak in their construction. Such features as double taped seams create a really strong hull and deck joint that can take a real pounding. We have also designed the shape of the deck as well to create a stiffer and more robust boat that is inherent in the physical shape of the boat. We are only a phone call or email away to help with any questions you may have. With our growing network of Stellar Dealers and Reps, we are here to offer you service and support when you need it.


At Stellar, we have a state of the art manufacturing facility building, kayaks, surf skis, rowing shells, sail boats, yachts, surf boards and other products. We are able to capitalize on this knowledge and share it across the lines, culminating in our advanced designs, construction and materials. These various engineering and design departments provide you with an unparalleled resource of design and production experience.

This global collaboration economizes our efforts while also enlarging our scope of view. This global perspective adds another dimension to the design of our boats that is not often found in our industry. The scale of the operation also capitalizes on scales of economy when purchasing materials for production. We are able to get volume incentivized pricing and pass the savings on to you!

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